Myanmar is in negotiations to licence-build JF-17 fighter


Myanmar is in advanced stages of negotiations to license-build the JF-17 aircrafts. Myanmar Airforce had already decided to purchase 16 JF-17 fighters in 2015.

Currently, the Chinese A-5s and F-7Ms fullfill the air combat role in Myanmar Airforce (MAF).  MAF would phase out these obselete fighters with the JF-17 Thunder. MAF is expected to received the Block II fighters later this year.  The country is currently negotiating to procude the Block III variant locally.

If the negotiations succeed, it would be a great leap forward for the local industry.

Source: Janes



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  1. Rumdyhomes says:

    Sir what about the Block lll F-16 C has over 30,000 lbs thrust to weight ration not only this F-35 Stealth 5th Generation Engine thrust over 40,000 lbs I am sure Block with the speed of over Mach 2.2 probably be produce its thrust over 160-180 KN (35,000 – 40,000) PAF need this the best of all time dont you think Sir, Thank you

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