JF-17.com is a site dedicated to provide information on JF-17 multi-role fighter jet jointly developed by Pakistan and China.

The site will aim to provide you with the latest news coverage, articles, images and videos on the JF-17 fighter jet, also known as FC-1. Website may occasionally cover other related topics related to Pakistani, Chinese and other air forces in the region and geopolitics. If you’re interested in collaborating or submitting your material to be showcased, I would be more than pleased to work with you. If you’re a webmaster or an owner of top-tier blog and wish to share information, co-right, guest blog or interested in any corporation, just hit the contact link. The web hosting is generously sponsored by: Deckerservices.com

– Osama Zulfiqar Ahmad

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  1. trident says:

    Hye there, the site is pretty descent however i would like to make it more practicle and usefull like f-16[dot]net lets have a forms section where things of technical yet non classified nature can be discussed… it would add a new dimension to the site and also lay down as a platform of knowledge sharing both tech and non tech.

    Thank You

  2. Aftab says:

    I second trident. A discussion forum is badly needed for this site.

  3. zahid hameed says:

    Dear Gents,

    Please add some news regarding the third squadron when it going to be equipped and which base of Pakistan will receive the third Squadron and when it will be going to complete the third batch. I don’t know what we will called it technically but Pakistan aim was to get round about 50 jft at the end of this year but no news yet emerged. So please give some information regarding the third squadron.

  4. Rai Aftab says:

    I Love Pakistan Army, Navy and Airforce, i am glad to know that PAF is making aircraft for our own requirements. Alhmdu Lillah
    I want to says that Please make website not like this, this is a just simple website,
    we have a lot of talent for make a beautiful and attractive web developers in Pakistan….

    Thanks and Long Live Pakistan……

  5. Naveed Shah says:

    Good web site to discuss about JF17. Few concern about the aircraft.
    1: Its clearance from the ground is not much to load big ammunition.
    2: Is PAC doing anything to design there own aircraft engine. Why RD93 produces smoke. Can we check other engines from Mirage, F-16 and etc, to find out the problem of smoke and try to improve or design new engines.
    3: Is PAC planning to design better air craft with two engines and more speed. Most air forces has at least two types of aircraft. Like Sukhoi and Mig.

  6. SAHIL says:

    In Which Year Pakistan Will Create His New Air Craft Or Fighter Jet

  7. Shahid Hameed says:

    JF-17 Thunder Pride for nation.
    I’d like to know How and from where Can I get the First Class Model of JF-17 Thunder. I wanna put it on my Office table here is USA. I tried to find the First class model from Internet but I couldn’t.
    I really like the one Mahteer Muhammad got as a gift.

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