PAF set to acquire PL-15 Long range AAM to counter Meteor

PAF is set to acquire PL-15 long range Air-to-air missile. PL-15 boasts a range in excess of 200km, exceeding the range of Meteor and all other AAMs currently in region. PL-15 has a next-generation AESA seeker, allowing it to withstand intense EW and maintain lock. PL-15 will allow JF-17 to out-range all opponents it is likely to face and project credible threat against Meteor-armed aircraft. Rafale’s longest-range AAM is Meteor, with range in excess of 100km. The key feature of Meteor is it’s ‘ramjet’ engine, allowing the missile to maintain high kinetic energy even in terminal phase.

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JF-17 Block-III: What we know so far

JF-17 Block 3 First Prototype
  • JF-17 Block-III first flew on 15th December, 2019.
  • Air-cooled KLJ-7A active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar has been selected. A generational upgrade over the current pulse-doppler radar.
  • A new wide holographic heads up display (HUD) is clearly visible in cockpit
  • New IIR based MAWS
  • Upgraded Electronic warfare suits
  • Airframe design remains the same however with minor adjustments in positioning to various senors
  • Three axis-fly-by-wire system, replacing the hybrid system in earlier blocks.
  • PAF is expected to procure 50 Block-IIIs
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JF-17 Thunder now flyable on DCS – Most advanced publicly available digital simulator.

Digital combat simulator world (DCS) has released a JF-17 module, allowing you to pilot the aircraft on your PC. DCS is known for offering the most authentic & realistic simulation of military aircrafts.

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JF-17 performs on Pakistan Resolution Day, March 23, 2019, Islamabad, Pakistan

JF-17 Thunder displayed its maneuvering power, tactics and flying capabilities at Islamabad on Pakistan’s resolution day.

Potential export to Malaysia?

Also present was Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohammad, as the guest of honor.Dr Mahathir was given a briefing along with technical analysis of the multi-role JF-17 Thunder fighter aircraft.

Interest in JF-17 has risen after it shot down an Indian airforce’s Mig-21 Bison in broad daylight on 27th February, 2019, during the standoff between the two rivals. The Mig-21 was being covered by InAF’s most capable aircrafts like Su-30 MKIs and Mirage 2000s.

Malaysia and several other countries have shown interest in procuring the JF-17 aircraft.

The aircraft has already been exported to Nigeria and Myanmar.

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Twin-Seater JF-17B’s second prototype takes off

The second prototype of the twin-seater JF-17B has taken off as per the photos on various Chinese internet sources.

JF-17B has several major design changes compared to the original JF-17. The most obvious change has been the tandem seats, primarily for training purposes. Wingspan is also longer by 0.5m. Other changes include a different vertical stabilizer and dorsal spine. The nose is also slightly larger. Flight controls have been upgraded with three-axis fly-by-wire system.


Twin Seater JF-17B First Prototype

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