PAF seeks Thales DAMOCLES – Multifunction Targeting Pod For JF-17 Aircraft

Pakistan Air Force second-in-command Muhammad Ashfaque Arain told Reuters in an interview that his visit to Paris was partly aimed at discussing from French officials the prospects of acquiring the Damocles targeting pods for JF-17s.

This was in context of the fact the Pakistan continues to be the vanguard in war against terror and the targeting pod will allow JF-17s to share the burden of operations with F-16s against terrorists.


Range: Upto 27 KM

• Compatible with laser guided weapons, INS/GPS guided missiles and imagery-guided weapons
• Attacks in autonomous or cooperative mode, using integrated laser spot tracker and laser marker
• Long range damage assessment capability
• Target recognition capability
• 3D localisation
• Integrated navigation FLIR Reconnaissance

• Medium range day/night small targets reconnaissance

• Day/night visual airborne target identification

Key Features
• Powerful laser and high resolution imagery provide the aircraft with a stand-off range and tactical ground/air defence system survivability
• Advanced technology featuring state-of-the-art staring array detector effective at long range
• Robust new generation tracking systems
• Superior image processing TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Imagery
• 3rd generation detector
• Spectral band: 3-5 ?m
• Field of View: – Wide FoV: 4° x 3° – Narrow FoV: 1° x 0.75° – Electronic magnification: x2 Laser range-finding
• Wavelength: 1.5 ?m
• Eye-safe Laser designation
• Wavelength: 1.06 ?m
• STANAG 3733 Laser spot tracker
• Wavelength: 1.06 ?m Laser marker
• Wavelength: 0.8 ?m

Thales Damocles

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