Pakistan Airforce re-equips No 26 Squadron with JF-17 thunder aircraft

ISLAMABAD: The re-equipment ceremony of No 26 Squadron of the Pakistan Air Force was held at a PAF base on Monday.


The No 26 Squadron, one of the prime squadrons of the PAF, previously equipped with an A-5 III aircraft, has now been re-equipped with the indigenously produced JF-17 Thunder aircraft. Chief of the Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Rao Qamar Suleman, was the chief guest at the occasion. A re-equipment ceremony parade was also held on the occasion, in which the squadron colour was presented to the squadron commander.

Speaking at the ceremony, the air chief said, “Today as we re-equip No 26 squadron, we have also raised No 16 Squadron with the JF-17 Thunder aircraft. I would like to mention and appreciate the contribution and support of the Chinese in helping us acquire a technological breakthrough in the shape of this aircraft.” “Induction of the JF-17 Thunders have revolutionised PAF’s operational concepts. Our main focus has been on capability-based development rather than the traditional threat based growth. Our efforts have been to enhance and sustain our capabilities to cover all spectrums of air warfare, including military operations other than war. Remember, we have a mission to maintain peace with honour in this volatile region and in these uncertain times,” he added.

“Today, Pakistan is at war, we know our responsibilities and will continue to make major contributions in our national effort. It is PAF’s commitment to the nation that despite all odds, our resolve shall remain unshakable and we shall defend the country against any aggression, be it internal or external,” Suleman said. Later, a formation of A-5 III and JF-17 aircrafts also presented a fly-past.

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