JF-17 Thunder at Dubai Airshow 2011

JF-17 Thunder Fighter Aircraft performing on the first day of Dubai Airshow 2011.

– There was a heavy presence of Pakistan Airforce personnel as well as the Chinese.
– Egyptian Airforce chief has said that they’re “Very interested” in JF-17 Thunder aircraft.


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9 Responses to JF-17 Thunder at Dubai Airshow 2011

  1. zain says:

    Another milestone achieved from competent skilful Pakistani nation

  2. waqas says:

    where the hell is complete video of thunder’s participation ?

  3. Muhammad Mohsin Rehman says:

    Masha Allah!

    May Allah bless you to make our army more strengthened (aameen).

    This is the real feel of pride. May Allah make the Muslims even more stronger!

  4. Jal says:

    Very impressive – it would have been better if the full video was shared

  5. Netneo9 says:

    Very nice
    Where is the still picture of the beauty

  6. ihsan says:

    looks nice but will look better when it shoot down drones if it cant protect airspace its useless

  7. Zara says:

    Aalaaaa site!!

  8. Reda says:

    I need to see some 4.75th G JF-17 block 3 that will use a stealth weapon’s pod like the F-18 silent hornet , then you will see all non-allied nations racing to procure the aircraft , and egypt in the front to replace their f-7/mig-21s , F-4s and mirage 5s just like pakistanis , I guess that’s why they didn’t sign any contract , they are negotiation with the chinese and the pakistanis to co-produce the new planed stealthy jf-17s , so they are both saving money and waiting to spend it on an AESA version that combines advanced EW suit , very low observability , hight maneuvrability ( TCV engin) and advanced BVR capabilities , they already have 220 f-16s and are purchasing 20 more so the egyptians are seeking a version of JF-17 that outclasses the f-16 .
    I guess the egyptians will co-finance the developement of JF-17 block 3 program so they can start acquiring them in 2016 , only then the technology seeked will be ready , and as an interm plan , I a guess they will most likely purchase the Air superiority fighter su-35 BM ( considering they have contribuded in the financement of this flanker ) starting from 2015 to replace their old upgrated mig-21s and to be in a good position for a future acquisition of the SUKHOI PAK FA in 10 years then the first egyptian f-16s will have 40 years old as well as the mirage 2000s and this acquisition will boost the very good relations between china and egypt as well with its sister Pakistan that I admire .
    Greetings from Morocco

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