China unveils the second 5th Generation Stealth Fighter from Shenyang

Pictures of Shenyang J-21 or J-31 (designation not confirmed yet) have emerged courtesy of CDF and SDF. The plane resembles closely with models earlier associated with possible second 5th gen fighter from China. This will be China's second 5th gen stealth fighter after J-20. The fighter has a striking resemblance with F-22 and F-35.  This fighter may be targetted for export by Shenyang as CATIC did with JF-17.

The pictures have emerged during the times when tensions with Japan are high over disputed islands. Interestingly, US defense secretary Panneta will be visiting China next week. If you all remember, J-20 was unvieled during the former US secdef Gates (Panneta's predecessor) visit to China. Coincidence or not, you decide.

Shenyang J-21/J-31


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6 Responses to China unveils the second 5th Generation Stealth Fighter from Shenyang

  1. talha says:

    hi the mr. pak/china experts please make the f16 too in the china within the few months
    somehow the mr. all of the chinese and the pakistani aircraft engineers and plant some CATIC
    equal company in the pakistan too ,so that the pakistani airforce’s engineers too would have some aircrafts copying technology.
    yours faithfully,

  2. PROUD OF PAKISTAN-CHINA ALL WEATHER, TIME TESTED FRIENDSHIP. JF-17 Thunder Fighter Aircraft is just a symbol of Pakistan China friendship.

  3. Strike Eagle says:

    Good….but don’t expect the all-weather friend to export this to Pakistan or any other nation…. :)..

  4. Au Rehman says:

    Love u pak Army
    V prod of u
    U r all the best

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