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JF-17 Block-III: What we know so far

JF-17 Block-III first flew on 15th December, 2019. Air-cooled KLJ-7A active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar has been selected. A generational upgrade over the current pulse-doppler radar. A new wide holographic heads up display (HUD) is clearly visible in cockpit … Continue reading

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PAF seeks Thales DAMOCLES – Multifunction Targeting Pod For JF-17 Aircraft

Pakistan Air Force second-in-command Muhammad Ashfaque Arain told Reuters in an interview that his visit to Paris was partly aimed at discussing from French officials the prospects of acquiring the Damocles targeting pods for JF-17s. This was in context of the fact the Pakistan continues to … Continue reading

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Indian Navy Promotes JF-17 Thunder

JF-17 Thunder was part of India's Navy Day commemoration.  The fighter aircraft was seen on top of the special publication on the occasion. So far there has been no official response from Indian Navy. Nonetheless, we thank Indian Navy for including … Continue reading

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Air Chief Marshal Rao Qamar to discuss development and service-entry of the JF-17 thunder into the PAF

JF-17 Thunder aircraft will be the topic of discussion at the upcomming International Fighter Conference to be held in London on 8-10 November, 2011.  Air Chief Marshal Rao Qamar Suleman will be talking about the development and service entry of … Continue reading

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JF-17 Thunders: PAF completes 26 fighters

26 JF-17 Thunder fighters also known as FC-1 have been produced by Pakistan in the last two years according to Pakistan airforce official. This was revealed during a briefing to parliamentary public accounts committee. Pakistan has approximately 30 JF-17 thunder … Continue reading

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