Stealth technology delivered to Pakistan

Artist's impression of a Stealth Helicopter:

Top secret Chopper We know that:
– Pakistan and China are working on a stealthy JF-17
– A previously unknown LO helicopter (Blackhawk variant?) crashed during OBL raid in Abbotabad. Not everything was destroyed of the helicopter.
– We saw army covering the wreckage up and taking it away.Is it possible that the technologies, specifically the material and the paint can find there ways into future programs of Pakistan and China?

There have been rumors in the past that Baburs derive a lot of ideas from Tomahawks that landed in Pakistan without exploding.

Just some food for thought 🙂

USA has requested Pakistan to return the wreckage.

Also keep in mind that helicopters and aircrafts operate in a very different environment. It is not necessary that information obtained would help directly in JF-17 program. China is already developing J-20 and any stealth technology passed on to JF-17 is likely to flow in from that direction.

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