MAR-1 anti-radiation missiles being integrated on JF-17 Thunders

Pakistan has begun integrating Brazilian MAR-1 anti-radiation missile on JF-17 Thunders and Dassault Mirage III and V ROSE airplanes.

MAR-1 Anti-Radiation Misisle

The missile has a passive anti-radiation seeker designed to target different types of radars. The radars can be targeted independently or with data provided by the launch aircraft. Missile's range has been quoted to be in between 60 and 100 km.

Pakistan ordered 100 missiles in 2008 for $126m.

MAR-1 is also the only modern anti-radiation weapon in Pakistan Airforce's arsenal.

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8 Responses to MAR-1 anti-radiation missiles being integrated on JF-17 Thunders

  1. ADEEL says:

    Excellent ! It means General Pervaiz Musharraf ‘s last visit to Brazil brought some good to our country.
    Great to see this missile in our arsenal.

  2. Robust….!!!! I’m proud of Air Chief Marshal Rao Qamar Suleman, Sahib. For his great achievements. He put alot of cornerstones in our arsenal. Plz Purchase Dassault Raffale fighter aircrafts also. When we will see Stealth JF-17 Thunder in our airspace, anybody knows. I’m excited about it?

  3. keep it up….! Pakistan Air Force is fully capable of defending motherland.

  4. Plz test conformal fuel tanks on JF-17 Thunders, which will make it deep striker inside enemy’s territory. Dassault Raffle Fighter aircraft will be the better option to counter MMRCA.

  5. Auzer says:

    Great! but real weapon would be Ra’ad ALCM integrated on JF-17 Thunder block-II. Ra’ad is a nuclear-capable cruise missile with the range of 350 Km thus covering ALL of Indian forward Airbases near Pakistani border.The biggest draw back of thunders is its hard-points.Atleast 2 more hardpoints should be added on this fighter jet.Hope China is going well with its WS-10(?) engine.

  6. I hope with new engines we will be able to increase number of hardpoints to carry more weapons. surely china is doing well on it. Airchief marshal sahib is the Best Commander.

  7. Military Photoshops says:

    JF-17 Thunder No. 26 Squadron Black Spiders armed with Brazilian MAR-1 ARM . Pic uploaded.

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