Serb Airforce to consider JF-17 Thunder

Serbian air force wants to buy a dozen aircrafts with allocated budget of $ 1.3 billion. A defence official said "We would ideally need between 12 and 16 new planes to secure our air space"
Serbian air force commander Brigadier General Ranko Zivak mentioned that foriegn manufacturers would be invited next year to make offers. 
Defence officials mentioned that they would be evaluating JF-17 Thunder, Su-30, F-16,F-18, Rafale, Gripen and Eurofighter.
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3 Responses to Serb Airforce to consider JF-17 Thunder

  1. Reda says:

    I think the serbs will go for 12 F-16 V / Block 52+ because of its status as a future E.U member , so no eastern hardware and it will cost 1.2 Bn $ , so it’s conveniant and the F-16s have a very good reputation and it’s a medium weight fighter that have larger payload and range as well as its technology is ready and tested in the battlefield as well as the new AESA radar and it’s one engined unlike the expensif Rafale . the F-18 or the su-30 and when it’s comes to maintanance and weaponry , it’s the best and only reasonable for such a country.

  2. Abdullah says:

    don’t neglect jf 17 thunder
    as it can be compared to f16
    and it is not expensive
    being not expensive and able to do many tasks
    jf 17 can be favourite 🙂

  3. Mateen says:

    I was going to comment that the Americans have their way of “pursuing” nations to buy their planes instead of planes of others. Some decade ago the Norwegian airforce wanted to buy Swedish Gripen fighters from their brothernation accross the border but America can bully governments into bending in its’ favour.

    So a similar thing could happen in favour of the F-16. That being Said Reda is right on over the technical details. The JF-17 was built as a way to secure some independence in airforce equipment in the PAF where the Americans haven’t exactly been easy to buy from, due to some bias against Pakistan.

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