Two-Seater JF-17 under development

AVIC and PAC are working on a two-seat version of JF-17 Thunder. The two-seat version will be used for conversion training and can also be adapted for combat roles. The development is not at the stage where the deliveries can be made.  

The single seat version was designed in such a way that a two-seat version could later be adapted. 

JF-17 Twin Seater


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16 Responses to Two-Seater JF-17 under development

  1. AHSAN SHAH says:

    Assalam -O -Alaikum

    I wanna to see urgently news related JF 17 Block 2 & 3 & etc charracteristics.
    Inshallah this Jet will increase strength our air defence.

    Allah hafiz

  2. saleem akhtar rajput says:

    i like JF-17 it best aircraft but please increase it,s speed upto Mack 2.2 with this speed it can easily beat IAF Best Fighter SU-30Mki Please Work On Speed And More Maneuvers That All From Saleem, God Bless PAF ZIndabad.

  3. Capt. says:

    Its speed should be increased up to 2 mach at least

  4. Aga Majid says:

    Its speed needs to be increased to Mach 2.0 or above, so it can chase the high speed bandits.

  5. Jf 17 is still behind from f 16 blk 15.its speed is way low at mach 1.6. Rd-93 engine is not up to load it can take is also just normal which is less than f 16 blk 15 of 1970 ‘s.present version is not capable of air refuelling.Hard points are 7 and three of them mostly used for fuel tanks. Two for air to air wvr missile and two for ground.and i hate it. These should be 11 or 9.Klj -9 radar is not up to mark.Need to work harder boys and do followings. Speed of mach 2. Aesa radar. Engine of western countries or better. 9 hard points.other wise it is a blunder instead of thunder.

  6. ali says:

    No two seater is under development all fake news., PAF is not going to develop two seater of JF-17 nor they are working on any block, they no fund they dont even have money to pay the salaries how can they do any research work or any further development.

  7. Black Eagle says:

    Mistr Ali who said to u PAF have no saliris. And the Concept of 2nd block Also relise in websites.then how can u clime like that? I like jf thndr so much and my pakistani Friendr u sed pakistan make Block two which more beter then f16 in evry mater.

  8. azeem says:

    two seats are not confirmed but it is true that jf 17 is gonna beat all western jets in future cuz it is self made jet of pakistan and 4 ur confirmation it is still flying on 1600kmh so 2nd block or the 3rd will sedk upto 2 mac so dnt wry my pakistani bros we will succed

  9. Aleem says:

    JF-17 speed should be increase along with the such aerodynamics that it would be highly maneuverable like J-10 .

    so Jf-17 would have two different classes of versions.

  10. Pak soldier says:

    Well that’s true news , Pakistan is developing two seater variant for training purpose.

  11. f16 b 15,b50/52. jf 17 b2&3. j10 b. mirage 3&5. MASHAALLAH, what a great airfrce of the sub continent.

  12. Niazi says:

    Please put one seat for me also in jf 17 thunder.

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