JF-17 armed with hypersonic anti-ship CM-400AKG missile

JF-17 has been armed with hypersonic anti-ship CM-400AKG missile.

Air Commodore Mahmood Khalid said “The CM-400AKG is a very high-speed missile that is very tough to intercept. It hits the target at Mach 4 or above and its kinetic impact alone is enough to destroy any high-value target, like an aircraft carrier.”

The missile has an estimated range of 180-250 Km. It is a fire and forget 400 kg solid-rocket-powered weapon that can be fitted with different seekers and warheads. The missile’s impact velocity is greater than Mach 5.

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4 Responses to JF-17 armed with hypersonic anti-ship CM-400AKG missile

  1. abu talib says:

    good to see/konwledge that jf – 17 have a such a debasttating cm-400 akg missile which can destroy even an air craft carrier like Indian vikrant, a very prize sclap as pakistani navy targeting it since 1965.

  2. Danish Javed says:

    Good for catching the enemy recon drones/planes.

  3. anees says:

    its a great news.

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