JF-17 wins first export order!

AIR Commodore Khalid Mahmood of PAF, dealing in sales and marketing stated JF-17 has won its first export order.

“A contract has been signed with an Asian country”. 

He did not share further details due to client sensitivities and security concerns.

From its inception, JF-17 has been envisioned as an affordable aircraft with 4th Gen capabilities.

The first successful order of the aircraft will further help develop the aircraft, which is slotted to receive major avionics upgrades in Block C, such as AESA or PESA radar.



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3 Responses to JF-17 wins first export order!

  1. anees says:

    will get more orders. InshaAllah.

  2. Nabi Ahmad says:


  3. Leo says:

    its a great news. from China

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