China to supply 50 JF-17 Thunders to Pakistan on urgent basis.

Local news station GEO has just broad-casted (2 PM PS) that China will supply 50 JF-17 Thunder multi-role fighters to Pakistan on urgent basis. Details will be published as they become available.


China will give 50 JF-17 aircraft to Pakistan on emergency basis.

Other Sources: DunyaNews, Daily Tribune, Jang(Geo, Urdu)

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17 Responses to China to supply 50 JF-17 Thunders to Pakistan on urgent basis.

  1. Amir H. Qureshi says:

    China is our time tested friend. Pakistan must care about this friendship and further strengthen ties with China.

  2. nadia says:

    when it comes….its a good news.after we are more confident to save our soverienty.

  3. usman says:

    We Pakistanis will give our lives for China!!
    The only country which stands behind Pakistan like a brother…
    Long live China!!!

  4. BpSitRep says:

    Please, go ahead Pakistan, align yourself with China. Save us $3 Billion dollars a year, and we do know for sure that Pakistan is aligned with Islamic Fascism from our recent trip there to gather up Bin Laden. Go ahead Pakistan, align yourself with a Nation that does not recognize or believe in God. You will be used as cannon fodder for the Chinese as they take over and seize some nice ports on the Indian Ocean. You’ll see.

    • Azher says:

      I also heard china agreed to give pak DF-21F.the aircraft carrier killer with a range near 5000 miles.

    • Abdur Rahman says:

      Its far more better to be with china, rather than becoming a friend of anti Muslim and anti human USA (the killer). china pays respect and deserves as well. The demise of USA is not far away as because almost every country from the globe is fed up with American hegemony and wants to counter it. While on the other hand the rise of china will be “warmed welcome” from all over the world including continent America and off course from the Muslim world as well as a fair player. Pak-China friendship livelong!

    • Hamid says:

      We have no other choice. Your aid comes with strings. We don't want your aid. We survived 10-20 years of your embargo and that was after we helped you to kick Russia out of Afghanistan. What have you done for us without a condition? May be providing nuclear technology to India so that she can destroy Pakistan? Your congress and your senate is your biggest enemy.

  5. Jawad says:


    If you still believe you guys are lesser terrorists than osama or al-qaeda then m really amazed on your knowledge..
    You are the only nation who ever used weapons of mass destruction..
    you are the ones who entered anywhere and made that place full of violence..

    Pakistan was a great and peaceful nation before 9/11.. We suffered tremendously, fighting your war. 35000 people dead in pakistan in last 10 years.. Many CIA involvments found out. We have to get out of american influence.. And 3 billion dollars a year ?!?… are u out of your senses ?.. whatever money u r giving.. for God’s sake stop it… WE DONT NEED YOUR MONEY..This money is a curse for us.. We don’t want to fight your war anymore!..

  6. Pak-China Friendship Zindabad. Pakistan must shif from US to Great Brotherly country China. We love China. China’s security is our security and our security is China’s security. All weather friendship.

  7. Keep on growing JF-17 Thunder to strongly punch the enemies.

  8. China is the Best Friend of Pakistan. We love it. PAF zindabad.

  9. mohsin says:

    nice its power of pakistan n china

  10. james holt says:

    I hope they give some color to these jets, like the mirages. a cammo color or desert design. would love to see a squadron of black thunders. there is no color in the Pak airforce just the bloody tin an thats it…..

  11. Imran Akbar says:

    Pakistan must continue to enjoy the technology transfer from china. As china has helped pakistan make JF-17 thunder, pakistan should also ask china to give J-10 fighter and transfer its technology to pakistan so that pakistan be able to make 4.5 generation planes in pakitan along with JF-17. pakistan should also go for chinese fifth generation stealth fighter planes as and when it is available. Long live pak china friendship. China Zindabad Pakistan Paindabad.

    • Dicky says:

      China and Pakistan have a common enemy, India. The parts of that stleath helicopter that was left behind was and is probably being throughly looked over by Chinese experts. China is getting to be more friends with Pakistan each day.The old saying that people use is, it hasn’t happened (disaster) in X number of years and it will be X number of years before something happens again. People that have not been through a true disaster assume that they can go through anything and that the disaster hype is overly exaggerated. Oh how they sometimes are so wrong. Solar cells one day could produce many times how much electricity they produce now and even in smaller sizes so you could get a nice amount of juice without covering your entire roof and even when it is cloudy. Parts of Earth’s core melting reminds me of the ‘2012 movie without the same fictional reasons in the movie. If you start to see more sea animals die off the coast of California maybe it has something to do with some seismic activity in the near future. Could be some toxin that the sharks got from eating fish that were contaminated. So many die offs that seem to hit one area and then it starts up in another area. ???

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