Round Up: 50 new JF-17 thunders.

Let us look a bit deeper than the usual news. 50 JF-17 thunders to Pakistan on ‘emergency’ basis flashed across the local Pakistani media. Online communities responded quickly with intense discussion on what exactly is the timeline behind the word ‘emergency’.

As is with the poor defense journalism in South Asia. We first heard that the 50 planes are going to be provided merely in weeks. That is very unrealistic. Only now some more believable time line is pouring out of the news. Pakistani defense minister Ahmad Mukthar has said 50 JFTs could take up to 6 months to be delivered. This sounds a lot more realistic, I would still take it with a little bit of caution.

The price of JF-17s have also moved into $20-25m range, up from $15-20m. These are the figures quoted by the defense minister while he was comparing the price with that of F-16 Falcons, which he mentioned was $80m a piece.

We have some news reports suggesting that the aircrafts will have upgraded avionics. Other sources in defense communities have added weight to this news as well. We do not yet know the exact nature of the upgrades nor are we 100% certain if there would be any upgrades at all.

It has also been reported that this batch is in addition to the current batch that is being assembled in Pakistan.

Pakistan air force will have atleast 80 JF-17 thunders by the end of this year. A significant boost to its strength.

All this news raises some questions:
1. What exactly are the avionics upgrades? We’ve heard about a newer radar from less than main-stream sources. Lets wait and watch. Is there going to be IRST?
2. JF-17s that are being assembled in Pakistan right now, will they include the avionics upgrades or will they maintain the present configuration?
3. Will the new JF-17s incorporate changes to reduce RCS? We’ve heard that stealthier version of JF-17 is under development. Is this it?
4. What are the other changes in the newer batch?

Your thoughts? feel free to correct me.

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8 Responses to Round Up: 50 new JF-17 thunders.

  1. Aftab says:

    I don’t think that this is going to be so early. Basically after the OBL operation, the government was under pressure and wanted to give a hop to the people. So they announced things, which were later, denied by Chinese authorities. I think it will take at least 2/3 years to reach upto 100 JFT birds.

  2. NO, Dear. You will come to know soon that Pakistan has received advanced 50 JF-17 Thunders block II & FC-20 fighter jets. Because The Great China is greater capacity of production rate, and can full fill Pakistan needs on time. Pakistan Airforce is the best to achieve the cornerstones. China is faithful friend of Pakistan. Wish u all the best.

  3. GRAAN says:

    I think Pakistan will get these fighter in time because this the order from honest Pak army not from the Pakistani stupid politicians.

  4. Yes, Brother you are 100% right. Pakistan will receive soon. It Extremely Professional Air Force the PAF.

  5. It’s good news that PAF is going to receive the deliveries of the JF-17 Thunder Block II by the second half of the 2012. Which definately boost our capabilites further. Pakistan Air Force is the Symbol of Pride for the Nation. Pak-China Friendship Zindabad. PAF is the Best to strong puch enemy.

  6. Ravi says:

    33 coming from China production line; their 17 will be delivered by mid-year 2019.

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