JF-17 to participate in Zhuhai Airshow 2012

JF-17 Thunder will perform in Zhuhai Air Show in China from 13 to 18 November, 2012. JF-17 Thunder’s Squadron pilots have completed the training for aerobatics routine and are reading for the show.

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China unveils the second 5th Generation Stealth Fighter from Shenyang

Pictures of Shenyang J-21 or J-31 (designation not confirmed yet) have emerged courtesy of CDF and SDF. The plane resembles closely with models earlier associated with possible second 5th gen fighter from China. This will be China's second 5th gen stealth fighter after J-20. The fighter has a striking resemblance with F-22 and F-35.  This fighter may be targetted for export by Shenyang as CATIC did with JF-17.

The pictures have emerged during the times when tensions with Japan are high over disputed islands. Interestingly, US defense secretary Panneta will be visiting China next week. If you all remember, J-20 was unvieled during the former US secdef Gates (Panneta's predecessor) visit to China. Coincidence or not, you decide.

Shenyang J-21/J-31


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Attacks near JF-17 Assembly line

Heavily armed fanatics attacked PAF base Minhas at Kamra. All the infiltrators were killed. One Pakistani soldier Muhammad Asif lost his life while defending a post. Base Commander Air Commodre Muhammad Azam took  a bullet to the shoulder while leading the defensive operation. After some medical aid, he returned to the field to resume the charge to secure the base. No JF-17s were harmed in the attack. 



Terrorists attempted to target Erieye AEW&C based on Saab 2000 platform. 

It is interesting to note that the millitants are targetting strategic assets like Atlantique in Karachi and Erieye at Kamra. These planes have more relevance in theatres of war with external opposition rather than the terrorists, who are generally targetted by F-16s.

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JF-17 Radar detection ranges for F-16 and F-22

Following image implies detection range of F-22 and F-16 by JF-17's radar.  The image has been making rounds of internet and various Chinese websites.

JF-17 F-22 F-16 detection range


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JF-17 with an unknown Pod

JF-17 Thunder was spotted with an unknown Pod. There are no details available yet. This could be a targetting pod, ECM or even an IRST pod. During the flight, the JF-17 was being used as a chase-plane for China's 5th generation stealth aircraft J-20, so it might just have been a camera.


JF-17 with IRST Pod

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